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As you undoubtedly know if you’ve turned on your computer or TV (or less likely, picked up an actual newspaper), today is the first anniversary of the Newtown Massacre that killed 27 people (including the murderer’s mother), most of them elementary school kids.  There is little I can say to elaborate on this monumental tragedy.  Newtown could easily have happened anywhere including my home state of Wisconsin, thanks to our laws on such things.  The victims could have been my grandchildren, or your loved ones.

I grew up in a hunting family, and used to own two shotguns myself.  I support the rights of people to hunt responsibly; and like most people I know, am not out to “take away everyone’s guns” as the NRA claims.  I also know that no legitimate hunter uses or needs assault-grade weapons that can spew 100 bullets as fast as you can jerk the trigger.  There is no earthly reason they should even be available, let alone so easily accessible to virtually anyone– including those bent on harm.

Me being me, after Newtown I turned to song to channel my outrage at our legislative tolerance of gun violence– alone among “civilized” nations– that permitted Newtown to happen.  Instead of belaboring the obvious about the absurd U.S. gun laws that have literally triggered this and so many other avoidable tragedies, I took the proverbial road not taken.  “My Main Squeeze” is written from the point of view of a mentally unstable person not unlike many others, except in our society he can obtain the means to mow down dozens of people before anyone can stop him.

I wrote this song a year ago, hoping it would become obsolete in a flurry of post-Newtown federal and state legislation to end the conditions that enabled this terrible event.  Unfortunately, a year later, it is more relevant than ever.  I don’t expect you to necessarily enjoy “My Main Squeeze”– it’s not that kind of song.  I do hope you will add your voice and your vote come election time to make its subject– near-universal access to weapons of mass destruction– a thing of the past for the generations that follow us.

To play “My Main Squeeze,” click on this:  01 – Track 1

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